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Early Documents of Our Nation

and Religion. 

Carolyn's Corner

  A Further Study of the Trinity

 What about Christ's Commandment to be Baptized

Poems by Carolyn Pinon

  My Sermons and Lessons


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  Silencing God Video   



    They Said No

What happened when 12 nurses refused to help

their hospital perform elective abortions?


 Multiple Bible translations that can be read, or listened to.


Pictures of our Family  Christmas 2010

 What Else Could I ask? 


Pictures for our 50th Anniversary

 Presentation for our 50th Anniversary by Tim Pinon

(Allow a few minutes to download)

Harley's Brother Lloyd, a tribute to his mother and pictures added


Pat Boone Speaks out about America being a Christian Nation and Our President's Statements about America


 Articles about the Trinity


List of links to five years of Sermons Outlines I have Preached 

My Sunday & Wednesday Evening Lessons

Before I Die       Before I die [Rev].ppt

   Genesis 38.ppt 

Congressman John Kasick and his search for God and faith

J.B. Phillips Translaltion on line.


 Do we immediately go to heaven and watch our funeral from "upstairs"?  I don't think so, and neither does Al Maxey.  He has written a great article, and I encourage you to read his insightful commentary.  Here is the link you'll need:  REFLECTIONS by Al Maxey

A beautiful story of faith, hope, and love that happened here in Texas


A article byMario about the return of Christ.  A BIG PROBLEM FOR PRE-TRIB TEACHERS

New Articles about the Trinity

  Man builds replica of Noah's Ark 

Este sitio EN ESPAÑOL O CLICKA QUI per gli articoli in Italiano

Interesting Sections on my Web Page


My Sunday Morning Sermons

My Sunday Evening Lessons

 How Does One Become a Christian?

Carolyn's Corner


Viewable Videos

Challenging Our Thinking



On this page, I have included links to many web sites and publications.  Inclusion of these links does not imply agreement on every point, but I have placed them here for your use.  I believe that they contain many stimulating and worthwhile ideas.  That does not mean that I necessarily agree with all the doctrine of some of the links or publications.  Spiritual discernment is advised.



Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

(Harley is now 74)

Tim's Brief Review of Harley's first 70 years.

A power point presentation that takes a long time to down load.

New  The ACLJ will challenge the health bill that passed on the House late on Sunday 3/21/2010 because it finances abortion.

Click here for details and how you can help with support that will be matched.




The Purpose of this Web Site

To begin a basic study of the Bible:  Beginning Bible Study

You Can help in the Abortion Issue

The Christian and His Government:  Every American Needs to Read This

Challenging letter concerning liberals in our government

God will have the final word concerning Jerusalem

To contact us:  Harley  or Carolyn

(New address)

   Can Men Perform Miracles Today?

  The Kingdom of God!   What is it?

Abortion -- Article by 16 yr old Becky

Carolyn and Harley Pinon

 A Bit of Background about Us

Harley's early years and meeting Carolyn

Our Family picture, Christmas 2012

New Pictures of our Family  Christmas 2011

Pictures of our Family  Christmas 2010

More pictures of Christmas 2010, Especially with our newest granddaughter --  Elizabeth Brooke

Pictures of Our Family  Thanksgiving 2009

A new grandson added in 2009

Picture of Our Family Thanksgiving 2008

  Scenes from Christmas 2008

Restored to Site   Thanksgiving 2007

 Restored to Site  Thanksgiving 2006

Restored to Site  Christmas 2005

Restored to Site  Scenes from Christmas 2004

Jonathan & Sally's Wedding

Harley's Dad.  He was great, but I never told him.

Harley's Grandfather he never knew

Harley's Brother Lloyd and a tribute to his mother

 Lessons & Articles by Becky Rene

 Poetry by Becky

  Songs by Becky
Staci-- She touched many for Christ .

 Click here for a 12 minute video about her 16 years of life.


by Mario 


Who is the True God in 1 John 5:20


Mario's English Web Site

Articles by Jim Mattison




Update on Mission Work

 Jim Mattison is a preacher and missionary of many years.

A friend of Harley and Carolyn with thought provoking articles.

Jim's stood Missionary

Their parents were

 told they 

 could kill them-- legally.

Click here for "the rest of the story"

The 1,000 year reign of Christ

Histories  and explanations of the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

Free Bible Software

A tremendous Computer Bible program is yours free at E-Sword.
A second great program is The Online Bible It is also free.

Sermons and Articles

by Harley Pinon & others

The list below consists of:

Single Articles are in Blue.

Black Titles indicate lists of multiple articles.


Suggestion as to how to use the Audio Sections of my website.

0.  Jim Corner's Presentations:

    Jim's Report made Jan 17, 2010 

1.  List of links to Sermon Outlines I have Preached


Before I Die      Before I die [Rev].ppt


Note about Power Point:  After loading the lesson to your computer, be sure to click on seeing the presentation, and a black screen should come up.  Then click "Enter" to advance to the next screen, and you may hit "Backspace" to return to the previous slide.


2.   My Sunday  evening Lessons  and Wednesday


Genesis 38.ppt 

Audio only for Eternity    Hebrews 11.ppt 


How Does One Become a Christian

A link to another site with more information about baptism


4.  Why do I need the church?


5.  Important Moral Issues


6 HOMOSEXUALITY: What does the Bible say? 


7. Is it Wrong to Gamble


8. My Old Testament Study  An overview of the Old Testament, including relating the books of history to those of prophecy.

Sections 8 - 10 all concern prophecy

9 Studies of Prophecy 

   IS JESUS SEATED NOW ON DAVID          by Mario Olcese

    Why I am a Futurist  by Harley Pinon


10. Judgments of God - Preliminary and Final

11.  Articles about Preterism 

13.  Are there Greek Words in your English Bible?

14.  What About the Sabbath   

15.  What You Can Expect When You Visit the Church of Christ

16.  A List of Articles about the Trinity

        What Does the Bible say about Who Jesus is?

          What about the "Word" or "Logos"?

           Some problems I have with the Trinity

           What about the Trinity

          Barton W. Stone on the Trinity

       A Video Questioning the Trinity  

    Telling Tale of a Trinitarian Text

a link: Those who do not believe in the Trinity

17.  Capital Punishment --  What Does the Bible Say?

18. What Happens to Those Who Never Heard the Gospel 

19.  What Happens to Us When We Die 

What about the Rich man and Lazarus?   

  Conditional Immortality by Miles Grant (1895)

20 Does the Punishment of Hell Last Forever

21. Why Attend Church?

22. Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ  by Harley Pinon

23.  Why I left the Church of Christ by Mario Olcese

25. Their parents were told they could kill them -- legally.

 Link to  Texas Right to Life

26.  Can Men Perform Miracles Today?

27. Warning about "The Compass" a "children's movie


You may contact us with questions or comments:


Al Maxey is a preacher for the Church of Christ in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  He publishes an article each week called Reflections.  He has some very interesting issues which he discusses.  Al Maxey's Reflections Archive



Search for:

Christians defending our Christian rights.  Click Logo below to find out more.

Arrested - tortured - murdered ... for being a Christian -

These are not the plots of new movies - these are the tragic facts of cases we are working on today -a proposed UN law  would criminalize proclamation of the Gospel around the globe

Click here for more info

A Research Site Considering the Trinity, and many other issues discussed on this site.

Where Do Go from Here?

Verse for the Day (To hear the chapter read, click on the speaker symbol)

Viewable Videos


Man's Relationship to God

(How to become a Christian)

by Harley Pinon

Does God Exist?

Now with Newly Revised Videos

by John Clayton

(Used with permission by John Clayton)

The God Makers II

An expose' of Mormonism primarily by former members

(Actually a link to another site)

A discussion of the Trinity and other topics

by Anthony Buzzard

(Link newly corrected so that they work now!)

A Video about Orphans in Eleven Countries

A new video about Orphans as Refugees

It is very touching

The "Gospel" according to Oprah.  This is serious!  View this video--Please

Why the Gospel according Oprah is not a Gospel at all!

What's Wrong with Harry Potter?

Revised beginning

The Legalist Spirit

Click Logo for Video

Venus Church of Christ

Is Gambling Wrong?

“My name is Paul, and I am a compulsive gambler. . . .“If someone had told me 27 years ago when I made my first wager that when I was 39 years old, I would lose everything and be in a place where there are no freedoms, I would have told them that they were crazy    Here's more of the story

What caused an Agnostic to become a believer in God?

Beyond Mormonism  Click here for the link to the site.  Beyond Mormonism

What about Mormonism? by Harley Pinon


Will there be Degrees of Punishment?

Are we There Yet?

Have we completed the work of restoring the church?

 What about the Thousand Year Reign of Christ?

Will Christ come back to reign on earth for a thousand years, or is the reign now?

Which "ism" is it?

Thoughts on Division

 Are All Sins Equal?

 "If you were any closer, you'd be off"

But is it true?  Or do many think we have completed the restoring of the church when we haven't?

Could I be mistaken?

Do we study the Bible to see if we are correct, or do we only seek to reinforce the fact that we are correct?

The Abortion Issue 

The "Gospel" according to Oprah.  This is serious!  View this video--Please

A griping video about abortion  1,000,000 abortions a year may not grab you, but watch this video!

A sobering letter from Lee Iacoca  

A sobering 4minute video  "I fought for you"  

They threw God out of school, is the flag next?  View this video

From the 1890 tomb of a soldier

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